Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney

2 Terms
House District 14
10th Fl.
Official Website

Current Candidate Information

Ohio House 16th District
Cuyahoga (part)

Primary Vote: NA

Biographical Information

Home Address: 3632 W. 133rd St., Cleveland, OH  44111
Born: July 21, 1992 in Cleveland, Oh
Education: John Carroll University
Employment/Military Record: former legislative staff member
Governmental Leadership (Elected or Appointed):
Ohio House 14th District 2020
General Vote: 26,795 of 45,652 (58%)
Primary Vote: 7,063 of 7,063 (100%)

Ohio House 14th District 2018
General Vote: 22,943 of 31,941 (71%)
Primary Vote: 3,835 of 9,220 (41%)

Committee Assignments
Ranking Minority Member
Key Legislative Staff
Riley Alton, Legislative Aide

Sponsored Legislation
HB 1
School Funding
HB 68
Contractor Payments
HB 77
University Trustees
HB 119
License Plate
HB 163
Nurse Overtime
HB 185
Month Designation
HB 209
Ballot Boxes
HB 306
Campaign Finance Law
HB 380
HB 398
National Guard Bonus
HB 573
Date Designation
HB 591
Week Designation
HB 618
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
HB 673
Electronic Pollbooks and Equipment
HB 701
Infant or Toddler Formula
HR 14
Capitol Protest
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