House Minority Whip Jessica Miranda

(D-Forest Park)
4 Terms
House District 28
14th Fl.
Official Website

Biographical Information

Born: August 23, 1986 in Hamilton
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Jose I. Miranda
Children: Adriana, Gabriella, and Victoria Miranda
Education: Graduate of Talawanda High School
Employment/Military Record: Fiesta Insurance - Owner/Broker/Tax Professional, 2011-Present
Community Activities: Forest Park Chamber of Commerce Commissioner to the Forest Park Economic Development Commission

Governmental Leadership (Elected or Appointed)

House Minority Whip (1/26/2022 - 12/31/2024)
House (1/1/2019 - 12/31/2024)
Other Offices: Currently in 1st term as a State Representative. Served as a Board Member in the Winton Woods City School District and was elected Board President three years in a row. Ran for State Legislature for the first time in 2016

Elections and Political Participation

Ohio House 28th District 2022
General Vote: 25,193 of 48,285 (52%)
Primary Vote: 3,292 of 3,292 (100%)
Endorsements: Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio (primary); National Federation of Independent Business - Ohio PAC (primary); Ohio Education Association; Ohio Federation of Teachers; Ohio Nurses Association (primary); Ohio State Medical Association PAC (primary); Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio; Pro-Choice Ohio (primary)

Ohio House 28th District 2020
General Vote: 34,482 of 66,667 (51%)
Primary Vote: 9,812 of 9,812 (100%)

Ohio House 28th District 2018
General Vote: 27,611 of 55,341 (49%)
Primary Vote: 4,360 of 7,240 (60%)

Ohio House 28th District 2016
General Vote: 25,995 of 61,447 (42%)
Primary Vote: 9,011 of 9,011 (100%)

Political Activities: Organized 2 school levy campaigns, Executive Committee Member for the Hamilton County Democratic Party.

Committee Assignments
Key Legislative Staff
Carolyn Dinehart, Legislative Aide

Sponsored Legislation
HB 35
Sexual Abuse
HB 36
Medical Identifying Devices
HB 38
Mental Health Days
HB 112
Campaign Finance
HB 115
Equal Pay
HB 124
Sexual Abuse
HB 161
Spousal Criminal Exceptions
HB 167
Police Training
HB 175
Firearm Storage
HB 250
Military Enlistment Seal
HB 332
Same-sex Marriage
HB 334
Labor Disputes
HB 398
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