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by Scott Miller, President

Gongwer Introduces New Legislative Staff Directories, Contact Tools

Posted: January 21, 2021 10:10 AM

Gongwer News Service today announced the availability of new legislative staff directories and a feature that allows subscribers to easily communicate with staff via email.

The feature (House, Senate) is included with each Gongwer subscription.

The staff email service is an expansion of Gongwer's contact tools that allow subscribers to directly email or mail state lawmakers. Those communications can be targeted by chamber, caucus, committee and committee caucus.

Gongwer subscribers also have access to a contact tools feature that allows one-click email delivery to all members of the Statehouse press corps.

Additional details about Gongwer's services are available in the Gongwer Bill Tracking Guide and Gongwer Quick Start Guide.

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Gongwer Activates Dedicated Budget Resource

Posted: January 11, 2021 10:51 AM

With the release of Gov. Mike DeWine's executive budget proposal set for the near future, Gongwer News Service has activated its dedicated budget page for the upcoming process.

The page will serve as a one-stop location for a variety of resources, including:

  • key documents from the executive and legislative branches;
  • text and information about the various budget bills;
  • rosters, schedules and details on the committees hearing the budget;
  • contact tools for budget committees, and;
  • Gongwer's extensive and unmatched budget coverage.

The page will be updated regularly as new content and resources become available.

For additional information about Gongwer's comprehensive news, bill tracking and other services, visit

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Gongwer Year-End & New Session Notice

Posted: January 4, 2021 10:33 AM

With the 134th General Assembly set to convene on later today, Gongwer News Service offers the following notices and reminders about bill tracking, schedules, directories and other services.

Effective immediately, Gongwer's platform will recognize the 134th General Assembly as the current active session.

As a result, all bills tracked during the current session will continue to be available through the Bill Tracking page by selecting the 2019-2020 session on the right side of the screen.

Additionally, tracking groups created for the 133rd General Assembly will remain in each user's profile and bills from the previous session will continue to display in those groups.

Gongwer has prepared a series of resources for subscribers as the new session begins. This includes directories, photo guides and other resources. Gongwer's contact tools are active for the entire legislature, and committee-level contact tools will be activated when committee assignments are announced early in 2021.

A pocket directory for the new legislature will also be available when committee assignments are released.

Information on members of the outgoing 133rd General Assembly will remain in the Gongwer archives.

Gongwer's news and legislation archives date to 2003, and access to that information is available to all subscribers.

2020 marks the end of a year when Gongwer implemented countless new subscriber services and improvements, including:

Additional service enhancements are in development and will be announced in early 2021. Subscriber suggestions for upgrades, changes and adjustments are welcome and can be sent to

The Gongwer staff wishes all subscribers, their families and friends the best for the new year.

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Gongwer Debuts New Redistricting Resource

Posted: December 11, 2020 10:00 AM

Gongwer News Service today announced the availability of a new dedicated resource that offers details regarding Ohio's upcoming redistricting process.

The new service, available to all subscribers, includes information about the new Ohio Redistricting Commission and details of the 2015 and 2018 constitutional amendments that established the state's new district-drawing process.

The page, which will be updated with all Gongwer coverage on redistricting, includes current district maps and will also serve as a one-stop gateway for proposed maps and additional resources as they are generated through the process.

This new service follows Gongwer's other recently-announced improvements, including integrated committee schedules and webcasts, enhanced committee resources and the ability to post positions and documents related to tracked bills.

Additional information about Gongwer's comprehensive services is available online.

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Gongwer Enhances Bill Tracking System With Document Uploads, Positions

Posted: November 10, 2020 9:47 AM

Gongwer News Service today announced a significant expansion of its bill tracking services by allowing subscribers to designate positions and upload documents related to legislation.

Subscribers who use the new features can also choose to display documents and positions with members, clients, colleagues and associates through the shared legislative status report service.

Positions and documents can be posted by selecting Tracked Legislation on Gongwer's Bill Tracking page, a bill Status Report or a Tracking Group. They can also be uploaded on the bill history page of any tracked bill.

Gongwer subscribers are already able to customize legislative status reports to display logos, bill introduction reports and headlines, among many other things.

Gongwer status reports are updated in real time, so there is no need to wait until a certain day to share them with associates.

Additional service enhancements are under development.

For questions regarding the new services, please feel free to contact Gongwer at or 614.221.1992.

More information is available on Gongwer's Bill Tracking Guide.

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20-21 Government Directories, Rosters, Contact Tools Available

Posted: November 4, 2020 3:54 PM

Gongwer News Service subscribers now have access to a variety of rosters and information regarding the expected members of the 134th Ohio General Assembly.

The resources are based on unofficial results and information could change as additional votes are counted and recounts proceed.

Ohio House of Representatives Resources

Member Directory

Photo Directory

Mail Merge Files (HTM, Excel)

Ohio Senate Resources

Member Directory

Photo Directory

Mail Merge Files (HTM, Excel)

Results and winners are subject to change as additional votes are counted.

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Gongwer Service Refresher: Track Legislative Activities, Committee Meetings

Posted: October 29, 2020 10:14 AM

Gongwer subscribers are able to track and receive alerts tied specific legislative activities and committee meeting schedules.

When tracking legislative activities, subscribers will receive alerts when any bill is subject to an action that is tracked. Among the most popular tracked activities are Introduced, Passed, Signed by the Governor and Calendar for Coming Session.

When tracking committees, subscribers will receive alerts when a tracked committee schedules a meeting or makes material changes to its agenda. (Track Senate committees, House committees)

Several other tracking options are available through Gongwer's Bill Tracking page. All tracking alerts can be scheduled to arrive in real time or at the end of the day.

Additional details about Gongwer's services are available on the Bill Tracking Guide and Quick Start Guide.

For questions, please feel free to contact Gongwer at or 614.221.1992.

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2020 Ohio Elections App Price Reduced

Posted: October 21, 2020 11:46 AM

Gongwer News Service, Ohio's leading source of news and information on state government and politics, has reduced the price of its 2020 Ohio Elections app with less than two weeks to go until Election Day.

Now just $2.99, those with iOS and Android devices can download the app to keep on top of the races for the Ohio House, Ohio Senate, Ohio's 18 electoral votes for president, key U.S. House races and more.

The app contains biographical information, along with photos, contact information, previous election performance on most candidates as well as a push notification system to alert you to newly posted information and breaking news.

Following the election, the app also will show vote totals for candidates.

Don't miss out on the only native app available on Ohio elections this year.

Users of the iPhone and iPad can download the iOS version from the App Store:

Users of Android devices can download the app from Google Play:

Quality. Speed. Portability. The vital information you need on the 2020 elections in Ohio.

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Gongwer Announces Enhanced Committee, Calendar Services

Posted: August 27, 2020 9:57 AM

Gongwer News Service today announced a series of significant enhancements to its services, boosting subscribers' ability to track, monitor and view committee activities, among other upgrades.

Under the changes, subscribers now have access to:

  • A real-time committee webcast monitoring feature. When meetings are underway, the Gongwer calendar will let you know what committees are live and provide a link to the panel's webcast, if available.
  • Easy-access committee tracking services. To receive an alert when a committee meeting is scheduled, just click the green Track button that appears next to committee names on directory and schedule pages, and in the Gongwer Ohio Report. (Senate, House, Joint)
  • Enhanced schedule services that identify bills being heard based on your tracking groups. Designed for subscribers who track many bills in different tracking groups, your custom committee schedule will now display the name of your tracking groups next to the bills that are in those groups.
  • More robust committee pages that include links to Gongwer coverage of each committee, as well as committee webcasts. Committees referenced in Gongwer articles will also be linked in the Ohio Report.
  • Calendar syncs with Google calendars. To sync a meeting on the Gongwer calendar, just click the calendar icon after each meeting and save it to your Outlook or Google calendar.

The upgrades are available to all subscribers at no additional cost.

Additional information about Gongwer's all-inclusive services, including the ability to receive messages and alerts via text, are available on the Gongwer Bill Tracking Guide and the Gongwer Quick Start Guide.

For questions about the enhancements or Gongwer services, or to offer suggestions for future developments, please feel free to contact us at or 614.221.1992.

Additional system enhancements will be announced in the near future.

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Gongwer Tools While Working Remotely: Password Reset, Text Service

Posted: March 19, 2020 1:19 PM

Gongwer subscribers who find themselves working regularly from different locations where their device may not have saved sign-in credentials can easily reset their passwords to preserve access to important news and information.

To request a password reset, subscribers can enter the email address where their Gongwer services are delivered in the "Forgot Password" box at the Gongwer login page.

An email will then be sent directly to the registered email address, allowing users to update their password.

All Gongwer services, including detailed news, bill tracking and alerts, schedules, directories and election information, continue to be available at

Subscribers are reminded that Gongwer also offers a comprehensive text message delivery service, which allows users to receive virtually all Gongwer products via text message to a mobile device - breaking news, the Ohio Report, legislative activities, schedule updates and more.

Text message delivery can be started by entering carrier information and mobile numbers at the Update Profile page. On that page, subscribers can also choose the Gongwer messages they receive by text and email.

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Gongwer Unveils 2020 Ohio Elections App

Posted: February 19, 2020 10:43 AM

Gongwer News Service today announced the availability of new app that provides easy-to-use information and analysis of this year's state and federal elections.

The app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, offers information on the seats up for election in the Ohio General Assembly, the state's U.S. House seats and other statewide contests.

The app gives users on-the-go access to detailed candidate biographical information, with options to review primary races and then general election campaigns once those races take shape.

Users can also see which U.S. House, Ohio Senate and Ohio House races are expected to be the most competitive and the seats where one party has a slight or strong edge based on historical election results.

On each candidate's page, users can access biographical information, social media accounts, district maps, campaign websites and more. If that candidate has run for state or federal office from 2004 onward, the app also displays their performance in those elections.

Users also can use the "Key Races" function to focus only on the primaries and general election matchups that are expected to be the most competitive.

As the campaign season progresses, and as dynamics change, content will be updated.

Users of the iPhone and iPad can download the iOS version from the App Store:

Users of Android devices can download the app from Google Play:

Downloads are $4.99.

Quality. Speed. Portability. The vital information you need on the 2020 elections in Ohio.

Download the Gongwer 2020 Ohio Elections app today.

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