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User Guide

Gongwer News Service Quick Start Guide

What Do I Get?

Welcome to Gongwer News Service.

As a Gongwer subscriber, you have access to unmatched, ground-breaking coverage of Ohio government and politics, as well as the industry-leading collection of tools helping you monitor government operations. You are among the leaders across the state, nation and world who rely on Gongwer to bring them accurate, detailed and unbiased information about the operations and deliberations of one of the largest and most influential states in the nation.

This guide will assist you in making the most of your subscription.

As a new subscriber, you have received login information that grants you access to all Gongwer resources

This login information is yours alone, and cannot be shared with anyone else.

Update Your Preferences:

First, take a moment to set your preferences. To do that, login to the Gongwer website, click on your name in the banner and click on the Update Profile link.

This window gives you many options, including:

  • changing your password;
  • uploading a logo that will display on your bill tracking reports;
  • entering your mobile phone number and carrier to receive text-based alerts; and
  • selecting which Gongwer messages you want to receive, and how you want to receive them.

By default, you will receive all Gongwer messages (the daily Ohio Report, breaking news, legislative floor reports, bill tracking alerts, news clips and more) via email.

To discontinue any of those email messages, simply uncheck the box next to the message you no longer want to receive.

To receive any messages or notifications via text, simply check the box next to the message you want to receive via text. Depending on many factors, text messages are often delivered more quickly than email messages.

Gongwer also lets you choose whether you want to receive bill tracking alerts in real time or once at the end of the day. Note: On busy session days, real-time alerts are generated frequently, which can result in multiple emails or texts over the course of the day.

Once your preferences are set, click the Update button at the bottom of the window, and your preferences will be saved.

The Ohio Report:

At the end of each business day, you will receive an email with the subject line of "Ohio Report" and then the day and date.

This email includes links to the full Ohio Report, which is Gongwer’s flagship publication that includes coverage of major Statehouse and political events, including detailed coverage of legislative committee proceedings. To view the entire Ohio Report, simply click on the red text in the message that says Ohio Report and then the day and date.

To read any individual article, click on that headline. To view any committee report, click on the name of the committee.

The end-of-day Ohio Report email will also include links to legislative floor reports (if applicable for that day), the schedule for the following day, and legislative, event and agency calendars.

To access any Gongwer content, you will need to login with your personal credentials. The Gongwer platform retains user login information for several days, and browsers can be directed to remember login information, making it easy to regularly access content without having to login for each visit.

Bill Tracking:

Gongwer operates a robust bill tracking system that alerts you about action or scheduled action on legislation, keywords and Revised Code sections that are of interest.

To track any bill individually, simply click on the green Track button (Track) that appears next to the bill number that appears across the Gongwer platform. To enter a series of bills to track, simply enter the bill numbers in the Track Bills box at the top of the Bill Tracking page.

The Bill Tracking page is also your home to create, customize and share real-time status reports and tracking groups. This page also allows you to track meetings of specific legislative committees, be alerted based on legislative action types and receive information when there is action on categories of legislation that is of interested.

The Gongwer Bill Tracking Guide provides more detail on this feature.


The Schedules page provides the full government, political and event schedule for the day. Options at the top of that schedule allow you to select different schedule types and choose different dates and longer time frames.

All events on Gongwer calendars include calendar icons that let you save those items to your Outlook or Google calendar.


The Directories page gives you access to detailed legislative and administration rosters, and makes it easy to communicate with targeted groups of lawmakers.

Each legislative directory includes communications tools that allow mail merges and emails for the full chambers and committees. Subscribers can also target communications down to the committee caucus level.


The Gongwer Elections page includes detailed information about current candidates, and in many cases, information about those who have filed for future elections. In addition to including candidate contact information, the page also hosts Gongwer articles regarding specific campaigns.

Gongwer Archives:

Open the Committee Tracking Menu on the bill tracking page and select the committees you want to track (House, Senate, Joint). Or, select the Track Committee button from each committee page.

All Gongwer resources are searchable via the home page search box or the Advanced Search page.

Responsive Web Design:

In addition to email delivery of Gongwer resources, all Gongwer content is delivered through a responsive website, making it easy to view and use regardless of your device type.

Need More?

For questions about Gongwer's extensive services, feel free to contact us at or (614) 221-1992.