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Letter: Concept Schools Responds To Charter Allegations
By Gongwer Staff
Posted: July, 22 2014 3:15 PM

As educators, we believe that nothing is more fundamental to our students’ futures than the education they receive today. That means providing high-quality, college prep curriculum, but it also means ensuring safe, secure and professional learning environments for students and faculty. This commitment to serving our students and families to the best of our ability is just as strong now as it was when we, as an organization, established our first school in 1999.

Since then, we have worked hard – hand-in-hand with teachers, parents and community leaders – to ensure our students are prepared for the brightest futures, and along the way to earn the trust and confidence of our parents, local leaders and most of all – our students. And when troubling claims are made about our schools, as they recently were made by former employees, we take them very seriously.

To be clear: these claims do not represent or reflect the high standards we hold for our organization. We have already begun to conduct an internal review, and will also take a close look at our processes and operations. We are in close communication with local and state officials, and we have every intention of cooperating fully with any external review.

Recognizing the trust that is placed in us and the responsibilities we have as educators, our focus and commitment remains where it belongs: on our students. We look forward to these issues being resolved and working with local officials to ensure our students are getting the kind of educational experience they deserve.

Salim Ucan

Vice President

Concept Schools

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