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Posted: April 1, 2016

Organization: Ohio State Building & Construction Trades/ACT Ohio

Position: Office Manager

Organization Summary: Ohio State Building & Construction Trades/ACT Ohio is a state wide non-profit that advocates on behalf of the unionized construction industry. We are seeking candidates for an expected opening as our Office Manager. Our current Office Manager is retiring after nearly 30 years of dedicated service or our organization. She is expected to transition to a part time role for several in order to help train the new hire.

Essential Work Functions:

-Work with vendors to maintain sufficient office supplies and support for staff.
-Acts as receptionist for both organizations.
-Maintains day to day accounting and works the organization’s auditors to ensure accurate financial reporting.
-Assists Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Director and other staff preparing for and during quarterly Executive Board meetings.
-Prepares and manages payroll with third party servicer.
-Assist with event planning for annual golf outing, quarterly Executive Board Meetings, and other events.
-Works with member organizations to ensure timely member dues payments.
-Manages all business infrastructure needs for the office (copier, internet supplier, phone vendors, mail meter, etc.)
-Assist staff with correspondence and other administrative duties.
-Manage active calendar of appointments for Secretary-Treasurer and other staff members as directed.
-Assists staff and Executive Board with travel arrangements.
-The ability to take meeting minutes during Executive Board or other meetings.

Additional Details:

How to Apply: Please e-mail a cover letter and detailed resume to Rob Dorans at Please do not contact our organization via phone regarding this position. Additionally, do not send application materials via USPS or other delivery services.



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