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Budget Resources, 129th General Assembly

HB 153
Bill Text Latest edition: Tuesday, June 8, 2011

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Senate Finance Committee (including legislator contact tools)
Senate Committee Testimony
Senate Amendments
Senate Omnibus Amendment Summary
Senate Substitute Comp Doc

House Finance & Appropriations Committee (including legislator contact tools)
House Committee Amendments

Roll Call Votes

Comparison Document
Bill Analysis
Fee Information

Administration/Office of Budget & Management Resources:

Book One: Budget Book
Book Two: Tax Expenditure Report
Book Three: Budget Summary
Book Four: Savings Book

Section A: Reader's Guide Introduction to the Executive Budget; Demographic Information; State of Ohio Organization Chart; Glossary of Key Terms; Basis of Budgeting; Budget Calendar; The Budget Process; Funds of the State; Frequently Asked Questions; Guide to Reading the Budget Tables

Section B: Economic Forecast Economic Overview and Forecast; Revenue Estimates and Methodology; Actual and Estimated Revenues

Section C: Budget Overview Revenue Summaries; Spending Summaries; Fund Balance Summaries; Capital Improvements & Long-Term Financing; State Personnel Summary

Administration Summary

Education Funding

Department of Taxation Resources:

Schedule for Reimbursement of Lost Property Taxes and Moving Dedicated Taxes from Special Funds to the State GRF

Legislative Service Commission Resources:

Budget in Detail
Budget in Brief
Revenue and Public Assistance Spending Forecast

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